We actively support the personal and professional development of each and every one of our employees, and encourages their direct involvement in the company’s success.

Excellent opportunities

Global Safety Textiles offers staff across the company a wide variety of opportunities, from entry level onwards, throughout their entire careers.

Image: Warping facility in Murg

Warping facility in Murg
Exceptionally motivated and highly skilled employees are the foundation of our success. Teamwork within a global organization with contributions from people with diverse abilities and aptitudes is what makes us strong.

As a company with worldwide operations, Global Safety Textiles opens up genuine career opportunities of many kinds, from entry-level onwards. Global Safety Textiles provides attractive training courses and apprenticeships of all types, for example focusing on commercial, business or technical curricula.

Our employees weave the fabric of our success on a daily basis, making our company a strong and united force. Against this background, the professional and personal development of our employees, and their direct involvement in the business, are pivotal to our corporate culture.