Efficient and cost-effective R & D makes us a pioneering partner for product development and volume production.

Expertise and versatility

Global Safety Textiles’ end-to-end in-house manufacturing capability enables us to fulfil our customers’ specific needs quickly and reliably – including making prototypes.

Image: Tear testing

Tear testing
Working together with our customers’ R & D departments, we help create entirely new generations of products. This means that Global Safety Textiles actively participates in the launch of safety modules based on polyamide-based Highcon materials and new PET polymer generations.

Global Safety Textiles offers a wide variety of textile solutions to meet our customers’ requirements, whatever the form, level of resilience and application. Thanks to our consistently high quality, reliability and logistics expertise, we are consolidating our position as the leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated technical textiles.

Global Safety Textiles has a long track record of systematic and efficient R & D work for the automotive industry. With these skills, we can help other industries reach their R & D goals too.