With decades of experience as a leading automotive supplier, we enjoy an excellent reputation around the world as a partner for technical textiles.

A strong market presence

Given our expertise in airbags und airbag textiles, Global Safety Textiles is well placed to offer development and manufacturing solutions involving technical textiles.

Image: Sewing facility in Sighisoara

Sewing facility in Sighisoara
Global Safety Textiles possesses extensive experience and expertise in the development of new textile solutions in collaboration with customers. Which is why we are regarded as a highly-reliable, long-term development partner in the automotive industry and beyond.

Airbags and Airbag Textiles

When it comes to airbags and airbag fabrics, Global Safety Textiles offers a wide variety of textile solutions to meet our customers’ requirements, whatever the form, level of resilience and application.

In addition, our expertise extends to other aspects of vehicle safety: for example, the development of interior textiles with enhanced properties.

Technical Textiles

As a result of our innovative approach to resolving problems, Global Safety Textiles’ product portfolio is constantly expanding, encompassing an increasing number of applications for technical textiles.

For example, we develop and produce safety textiles, systems for pneumatics applications, sophisticated textiles for the construction industry, and much more.