Each roll of fabric carries three to six barcodes, guaranteeing full traceability: from delivery of a vehicle fitted with one of our airbags, right back to the yarn supplier.

Guaranteed traceability

Barcodes on all airbags guarantee complete traceability of all materials throughout the process chain.

Image: Module production in Czestochowa

Module production in Czestochowa
During development and production, airbag fabric is subjected to a whole series of acceptance and other tests. However, the real test of an airbag system is whether it deploys in an actual collision. This is where the technology and the fabric have to prove that they really can save lives. Should an airbag deploy during an accident, our end-to-end documentation means that even years after production, we can pinpoint exactly which yarn and which roll of fabric with what coating was shipped when, and to whom.

Complete traceability ensures that we take a highly responsible attitude toward our products and exercise the greatest prudence and care in manufacturing them.