Global Safety Textiles undertakes R & D projects in conjunction with industry and research partners.

Exceptional knowledge and skills

Global Safety Textiles is a highly capable R & D partner, assisting customers with all their technical textile needs.

Image: R & D team in Maulburg

R & D team in Maulburg
We conduct tests and analyses in-house, in our state-of-the-art laboratory. Prototypes are constructed using industrial machines, resembling the conditions of actual production as closely as possible. This ensures that the manufacturing process runs smoothly when the product is launched. We conduct rigorous quality control of the yarn we receive, followed by testing during production processes, such as visual and laser inspection. And afterwards, we subject finished fabric to aging tests, under extreme and/or variable conditions.

With our proficiency in R & D – at the commercial and the scientific level – Global Safety Textiles undertakes projects in conjunction with industry and research partners.

Our speed, reliability and flexibility – from development to manufacturing to delivery – make Global Safety Textiles the number one supplier for textile solutions requiring advanced skills and knowledge.