Partnerships with research bodies are an essential component of Global Safety Textiles’ R&D strategy.

Collaboration with research bodies

Close partnerships with research bodies and universities ensure that we remain at the forefront of product innovation.

Image: Sewing machine in Czestochowa

Sewing machine in Czestochowa
Global Safety Textiles maintains close partnerships with research bodies such as ITV-Denkendorf, Europe’s largest center for textile research.

The core competencies of the development team at Global Safety Textiles include speed, flexibility, and the proven ability to find interdisciplinary solutions to real-world challenges.

"Our collaborative relationship with Global Safety Textiles is a shining example of successful joint development between the research and education community on the one side, and the business community on the other. We have been contributing our scientific input to the company’s innovation process for many years. The fruits of these efforts are a new generation of marketable products, which have strengthened Global Safety Textiles’ leading position in the world market.“

Prof. Heinrich Planck Direktor – ITV-Denkendorf