We have the skills and resources to exploit the almost unlimited potential of technical textiles, both in terms of research and production.

Experienced and recognized

With decades of experience as the leading supplier of airbag fabrics, Global Safety Textiles enjoys an excellent reputation as a partner for technical textiles.

Image: Laser cutter in Czestochowa

Laser cutter in Czestochowa
Global Safety Textiles possesses extensive experience and expertise in the development of new textile solutions in collaboration with customers. Which is why we are regarded as a highly-reliable, long-term development partner in the automotive industry and beyond.

We develop and produce safety textiles, systems for pneumatics applications, sophisticated textiles for the construction industry, and much more.

Our skillful R & D department, our extensive resources, and our worldwide footprint make us the ideal partner for a wide variety of technical textiles – from automotive safety materials to cutting-edge solutions to complex problems faced by other sectors.