GST sunproof woven fabric is multifunctional and high-tech. Perfect for keeping the sun and rain off terraces or open spaces, as a boat cover or other protective tarpaulin.

High-tech, robust and attractive

Thanks to precision manufacturing, these high-quality "made in Germany" products guarantee robust protection from sunlight, moisture and UV light.

Image: Sunproof

GST sunproof is particularly suited to three applications: boat covers, awnings and in architecture. Both fabric types - light and premium - has its own special attributes, making it the ideal choice for a particular deployment scenario.

The high-tensile, durable GST sunproof fabrics are lightweight, salt-water resistant and retain their shape. What's more, the are extremely effective and durable - even in extreme environments.

GST sunproof light
High-tensile, fluorcarbon-impregnated polyester fabric with superior air permeability and water-repellent.

GST sunproof premium
The high-end fabric for demanding applications. A high-quality polyurethane coating ensures this product is completely waterproof, with a hydrostatic head of more than 800 mm.