Warping facility in Murg

Global Safety Textiles

Global Safety Textiles, the market leader, supplies all the world’s major automobile manufacturers with airbags and airbag fabrics.

Factory in Sighisoara

Partner for product development and manufacture

When it comes to airbags and airbag fabrics, Global Safety Textiles has established a reputation as the leading partner for product development and volume production.

Weaving facility No. 2 in Maulburg


Across the airbag manufacturing process chain, Global Safety Textiles never loses the thread.

Global Safety Textiles develops and manufactures airbags, airbag textiles and technical textiles. Our speed, reliability and flexibility – in everything from development to manufacturing to delivery – make us an ideal partner, wherever you do business.

Comprehensive capabilities and resources

More than 4,000 employees around the globe drive our success in the highly demanding and competitive airbag industry. At Global Safety Textiles, we ensure our employees enjoy the highest level of skill, with continuing training on the job. Our exceptional knowledge of fabric makes Global Safety Textiles the ideal partner for technical textiles.

Our comprehensive range of machinery ensures that we have the resources to fulfil high volumes of orders promptly, providing the global automotive industry with a steady supply of airbag fabrics. And we have not just met this industry’s extremely high demands: in fact, we have received a number of accolades and awards for our work. So customers outside the automotive sector can also be sure of benefiting from our outstanding R & D, manufacturing and supply capabilities.

Global and local

Every day, the world’s leading automobile manufacturers deploy Global Safety Textiles’ airbags and airbag fabrics in their vehicles. With production facilities in Germany, the USA, China, Poland, Romania, Mexico, the Czech Republic and South Africa, we are both global and local.

A highly proficient partner for R & D

With a top-notch R & D team and sophisticated test facilities, Global Safety Textiles undertakes projects in conjunction with industry and research partners. We conduct all our research activities with a view to real-life implementation – so even prototypes are constructed using industrial machines. Long-established partnerships with research bodies such as ITV Denkendorf and our customers’ R & D departments ensure that we remain at the forefront of product innovation.
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