The latest jacquard technology enables OPW (one-piece woven) airbags that can take a multitude of shapes and be used for many different purposes.

In our manufacturing process for OPW side curtain airbags, their shape and structure are created at the weaving stage. As a result, no subsequent conventional sewing is required.

Side curtain airbags are activated by side-on collisions, and are designed to protect the head, shoulders and chest of front and rear occupants. They are shaped according to the contours of each car model they are fitted in. The unique feature of OPW side curtain airbags is that they stay inflated for several seconds, ensuring that vehicle occupants are restrained effectively in the event of multiple impacts.

The process technologies employed by Global Safety Textiles allow us to make side curtain airbags of the highest quality. After being custom-finished, these products leave our facilities in an installation-ready state. With our looms, we can manufacture new generations of OPW products with up to four fabric layers. The X-Tethers woven into the fabric by this means create chambers within the body of the airbag. This system determines the three-dimensional form of the inflated airbag and enables account to be taken of the vehicle design and the position of occupants.