Global Safety Textiles
Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

It is this purpose that inspires us to commit to excellence, to ensure that our products are manufactured with the highest quality, to constantly question existing approaches, and to eventually create new innovations. What makes GST unique is our exceptional knowledge of textiles spread across our global network of facilities, where our employees work together to continuously improve our processes.

Our Values

It is those values that guide us in our daily work and in our decisions – in every plant and on every level of our organization. They support us in our mission of creating innovative textiles to save lives and help us to achieve our goals as a trusted supplier and world-class manufacturer of technical textiles.

Think Safety First

We think Safety and act Safely: We take on the responsibility to protect people on th road – people that may as well be our colleagues, family, friends and loved ones. Therefore, Safety and Quality come first for us – in our products and in our way of life.

Act With Integrity

We communicate clearly and precisely with our colleagues, customers and stakeholders. We trust in the competence of our colleagues and we encourage speaking up and taking action.

Work Towards Global Excellence

We pursue continuous improvement every day in every process in our plants on four continents.
We want to be the industry leader, and we are not afraid to fail to create innovation and success.
We are proud of utilizing our global knowledge to support improvements and problem-solving.

Show Respect

We follow rules and standards, respect and take care of our colleagues and business partners, honor the environment and give back to the community. Our goal is to come together to solve the bad and celebrate the good.

Take Ownership

We treat company business as if it is our own business. We act as problem-solvers by using  a go, see and fix approach to eliminate issues on the spot. Our commitment to results drives us to perform our best every day to become ‘bigger, better, faster, stronger’.