A sustainable approach to the environment – including conserving precious natural resources – is a key aspect of our philosophy.

At Global Safety Textiles, protecting the environment is a top priority. To this end, we observe strict, self-imposed environmental standards. By deploying efficient systems and precise monitoring, we keep our energy consumption to a minimum. Our approach to resources is similarly eco-friendly: we use materials sparingly and recycle any waste material.

To minimise the dangers of polluting water with toxic chemicals, we only use substances that are classified as low-risk, with appropriate storage and handling facilities. Waste water from the manufacturing process is treated in our own plant so that it can be safely restored to the water system. Similarly, we recycle any surplus textiles, as far as is possible.

Through reusable packaging and transport containers and systematically separating offcuts, we minimize the creation of waste. Reprocessing ensures all leftover material is disposed of properly.