Hyosung has established a global network that consists of a total of 62 offices, including offices in the US, China, and Europe.

Since our foundation 55 years ago, Hyosung Group has been dedicated to delivering the best value. We serve customers in a variety of fields, including industrial materials, fibers, chemicals, heavy industry, construction, trade, and information technology. As a result, we are now the world’s No. 1 in the tire cords market, the seatbelt fiber market, the spandex market and a leading company in a number of other sectors, including polyester materials, and heavy electrical equipment.

In addition, we have established a worldwide reputation for high-quality products in a range of areas, including motors, pumps, carpets, PET bottles, nylon yarn, polyester yarn and ATMs.

Thanks to innovative product development, continuous R&D investment, customer-focused service, and effective localized marketing strategies, Hyosung is evolving into a leading global player.